How To Treat Ringworm Fast

how to treat ringwormIf you find yourself suffering from ringworm, you will want to know how to treat ringworm fast. This is a fungus that grows on the skin on any part of the body, and may spread to people nearby.  They will then start to avoid you if they find out you have this condition, therefore you need to know how to treat ringworm fast.

Ringworm can multiply in places frequented by the public. This can be the public showers and toilets. One method how to treat ringworm fast is using garlic. This herb has antibacterial and antifungal properties that can fight any skin infection. Get a small slice of garlic and tape it around the ringworm overnight. Do this method for 5 days and you will see how to treat ringworm fast. If you cannot stand the stinging sensation of garlic, mash it to get some oil and rub it on the affected area 3 times a day. The ringworm will be gone after two weeks.

Another method how to treat ringworm fast is rubbing black walnut oil on it. This kind of oil can cure plenty of viruses. Pour a few drops of this oil on the ringworm every day until its appearance alters. After just a few days, it will fade into a white color and disappear.

Get a cotton swab, pour a little rubbing alcohol and dab this on the ringworm. This will dry the ringworm and halt it from spreading. A lot of people tried this method on how to treat ringworm fast is and say it is more effective than prescription medications.

An herbal remedy on how to treat ringworm fast is raw papaya. Get a slice of this fruit and apply it on the ringworm rash. Let the fruit remain for a quarter of an hour every time you apply it and then rinse with hot water. One of the most popular ways on how to treat ringworm fast is raw papaya because it has an enzyme that kills fungus which causes ringworm.

Aloe vera is also an effective way on how to treat ringworm fast. Get the gel from its leaf and apply on the ringworm rash for a relaxing and cooling effect. Aloe vera has natural antifungal elements that cure skin irritations and rashes.

Tea tree oil is a very effective antifungal remedy on how to treat ringworm fast. You can apply a little of this topically and undiluted to the rash. This has been known to cure ringworm and helps the affected area dry out. It also stops pus and blisters accumulating on the skin rash.

Turmeric is a widely-used method on how to treat ringworm fast. Mix this with honey to have a potent ointment for your ringworm. Honey has antibiotic properties that can naturally heal bacterial infections. These two combined is a great way on how to treat ringworm fast.

Natural remedies on how to treat ringworm fast are very efficient. You do not have to buy expensive prescription ointments for this when you can cure it at home with ingredients in your kitchen. Learn the tips in this article by heart and you will know how to treat ringworms fast and effectively.

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  1. should the garlic be cold or hot

  2. Doesn’t bleach dry it out the fastest ?


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